AI-powered Image
and Video Annotation Tool

25% of machine learning project time is spent on data labeling. PIXEL.AI is a comprehensive annotation platform with built-in AI that can boost up the labeling process. We give you more visibility and control of your AI project.


  • Annotation

    PIXEL.AI automates your artificial intelligence pipeline with a range of powerful toolsets including object detection, sematic & instance segmentation, key point annotation, and tagging. Simply define that start and end point, PIXEL.AI will help you localize objects across multiple frames using various video tracking techniques.

  • AI on demand

    Whether you need a specialized solution, our in-house machine learning experts will work closely with you to fine-tune workflows, optimize the data instruction, and ensure that your annotation requirements have been met.

  • Quality assurance and verification

    PIXEL.AI is integrated with a QA system, where you approve or reject images and provide feedback to the team members with the aim to improve the quality of your annotations.

  • Segmentation

    We reduce the complexity of the image by dividing it into multiple segments. This makes it easy for the annotators to process important image regions, assign label to pixels in order to recognize objects and other important elements in the image.

  • Project management

    We help you manage every aspect of the annotation process by offering features like task management, planning, and analytics. PIXEL.AI allows you to invite unlimited data scientists, team members, annotators and creates a complete platform for them to collaborate in real-time.

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