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Software never is perfect. We help you to battle bugs out of your software and ensure that your business requirements have been met.

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Unit testing

In unit testing, individual units or components of a software are tested to validate their performance. Unit testing is achieved during the development of an application by the developers. It is important because inappropriate testing leads to high-cost defect fixing.

Functional testing

Functional testing is known as black box testing that derives test cases from functional specifications. It is not concerned about the source code of the application. Functional testing mainly concentrates on mainline functions, basic usability, accessibility, and error conditions.

Performance testing

Performance testing ensure that the backend will be able to perform under the expected load from users. This includes load tests, stress tests, and responsive tests. Each of these tests validate different aspect of the backend. At DASVISION, we use JMeter, Locust, and stress-ng that allow you to eliminate the performance problem and thus, launching your application with high responsiveness.

Security testing

Security testing is the most important testing as it uncovers vulnerabilities of an application and protects the application from possible flaws and intruders. DASVISION provides you with high-quality security testing services. We take all possible measures to ensure that your application is written as securely as possible.

Automated testing

Selenium is one of the most popular open-source frameworks for automated testing. We use Selenium to reduce manual effort and repetitive works, while increasing the effectiveness, test coverage and execution speed for test automation.

Accessibility testing

Accessibility testing is critical for online business success. We provide accessibility testing services following the WCAG guidelines to ensure that the application being tested is usable to users with disabilities like color blindness, hearing impairments, reading problem and other disadvantaged groups.

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